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젊고 강한 감소 금융그룹

Young and strong hidden champion financial group of
JB Financial Group’s vision reflects our commitment to
growth and innovation in the changing financial market
with a basis of internal stability growth. In response to
environmental changes surrounding the financial industry,
JB Financial Group is creating corporate value by
establishing an efficient resource allocation and
management system and expanding future growth engines.
We will develop into a young and strong comprehensive
financial group based on a culture tha emphasizest
communication, discussion and professionalism.


마음을 열다, 금융을 열다

JB Financial Group focuses on the mission of finance itself.
The essence of finance is preparing for a better tomorrow
by providing the financial services necessary for everyone
and gives them hope. We will be finance for everyone,
open to anyone, with more convenient customized
financial products and services that can open the hearts of

Borderless Attitude and Mind

Communicate with and listen to customers and
have a borderless attitude and mind toward the
different kind of fields.


Financial services optimized for the digital world through fusion of new technologies and insights into future finance

Cooperation and Creation

Communication through mutual respect and caring and non-stagnant future-oriented thinking