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1. JB Financial Group aims to be the world’s best financial holding company that practices sustainability management based on the management philosophy of “Best Retail Financial Group”, creating a new value and contributing to the development of local communities and the national economy.

2. JB Financial Group will enact the JB Financial Group’s Code of Ethics that all employees must abide by in order to maintain their honor, ensure and improve their attitudes and minds as JB Financial Group owners for sound management and improvement of corporate value.

Basic Spirit

We always think and act from the customer’s point of view and do our best for the benefit and satisfaction of customers by providing them the best products and services.
We will provide long-term and stable profits to shareholders by maximizing corporate value through reasonable investment and sound management.
We respect the dignity and value of each employee and strive to improve the quality of life by conducting fair HR and providing opportunities.
We contribute to the development of local communities and the national economy by respecting the right social values, complying with various laws and regulations, and taking the lead in establishing a fair financial order.

Code of Conduct

Ethics for Customers

In order to continuously create customer satisfaction, we think from the customer’s point of view and make every effort to provide the value that the customer wants.

We will always behave neatly and respond with courtesy to provide the best financial services to our customers.

The brochures, various publicity-related notices and terms and conditions of the financial holding company, and its subsidiaries, etc., shall be posted in the branches or on the internet so that customers can easily view or receive them.

We will use transparent and clear language when responding to customers and provide information and services that quickly and accurately meet customer needs.

Ethics for Shareholders

We will protect the interests of shareholders in a long-term and stable manner through maintaining the soundness of management, cost reduction and productivity improvement.

We will provide information to shareholders sufficiently, fairly, and in a timely manner, and shall not provide non-disclosure information only to specific shareholders.

We will endeavor to ensure that corporate value is reflected in the share price through active corporate public relations and IR, and guarantee the shareholders’ just exercise of their rights.

Ethics for Employees

We will treat each employee as a dignified personality, establish a system to perform their duties in a fair manner, and do our best to ensure that employees achieve pride and reward through their duties.

We will motivate employees accomplishing their businesses and shall not discriminate on the basis of gender, education, age, religion, etc., in personnel management such as employment and promotion through fair evaluation according to an individual’s ability and performance.

We will develop a training system to foster employees as professionals and creative talents, secure communication channels, and actively support all employees to be creative.

Ethics for Society

The financial holding company shall act as a model for other companies by conducting legal and legitimate business activities, enriching local communities through volunteer activities, and contributing to the national development through faithful payment of taxes.

The financial holding company shall respect the right social values as a company and abide by the laws and regulations of the nation and the local community.

The financial holding company shall not ask its employees to advocate or support specific political parties or candidates.

Employees’ Service Ethics

Employees shall maintain their honor and dignity, comply with laws, regulations, and the financial holding company’s policies, which are fundamental to the operation of the business, and shall perform their work faithfully based on morality and honesty.

Employees shall always maintain a dignified lifestyle and shall not conduct speculative asset investment or excessive borrowing.

When employees are aware of any illegal or unfair act, they shall immediately report it according to the appropriate procedures and make their best efforts to resolve the problems.

Superiors shall not give unfair instructions to the subordinates, and the subordinates shall not obey unfair instructions of their superior.

Any employee shall not allow others to solicit or improperly intervene in HR and shall not intervene unjustly by using his or her position.

Employees shall not engage in personal cash loans or debt guarantees for customers or between employees.

Employees shall not disclose the confidentiality of the financial holding company and subsidiaries, trading conditions and other confidential matters of customers, or respond to any inquiry arbitrarily.

Employees shall not receive money or entertainment from customers or interested parties in any name or cause.

Employees shall respect the personality of each employee and etiquette, and shall not discriminate on the basis of sexual harassment, gender, age, school, regionalism, blood, religion, etc.

Employees shall not use their position to pursue personal interests or to use assets of the financial holding company and subsidiaries for personal purposes.

JB Do Dream

What is JB Do Dream?

JB Do Dream is the name of the insider report system of JB Financial Group,
which has been established to make fair and clean JB Financial Group by reporting any illegal acts of the executives and staff members. Through this system, it is possible to prevent any accidents and loss, and ultimately achieve the goal of the group.

Management of JB Do Dream

1. Actions to be reported: All of the JB Financial Group members can report the following actions.

① Violation of company regulations and bylaws

② Illegal actions and unfair orders of the boss related to the work

③ Sexual harassment and other harassments in the office

④ Any actions that cause loss to the company and that are identified as the signs of accidents

In the case of customer complaints of an affiliated company, it will be processed by the department of the specific company.

Reports may not be submitted if detailed facts cannot be understood due to the absence of details and validity.

2. Protection of the informant

① The report details are confidential and the identity of the informant is protected.

② It is strictly prohibited to put disadvantage to the informant (and helper).

3. How to report

① Mobile application (Android: Install the app by searching ‘JB Do Dream’ at Google Store, IOS: Install the app by searching ‘Red Whistle’ at App Store)

③ Direct line: 063-250-7984

④ E-mail: jbdodream@jbfg.com

⑤ Groupware bulletin board: JB Do Dream bulletin board

⑥ Registered mail: Jeonbuk Bank Building 18F, 566, Baekje-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do (JB Financial Group Law-abiding Department Officer)

Integrity Contract System

System operation

In the process of determining suppliers, such as construction, goods, and services ordered by the Company, we commit to integrity contracts that prohibit receiving money, goods, and entertainment, and in the event of any violation, suppliers will be subject to sanctions such as cancellation of bids and cancellation of contracts. We operate an integrity contract system, such as taking disciplinary measures by internal regulations to enhance the transparency of contractual work.

Phone number for reporting

063) 250-7984