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Trusted neighbor of the local community commonalty

JB Financial Group sets the principle that profits from the region must be returned to the region and returns 10% or more of the net profit to the local community every year. In addition, we have established a philosophy of social contribution that sharing and volunteering should be done not only with our heads and mouths, but also with our hearts and bodies and become a region-loving volunteer group.

Connect people
with people and minds
with minds

Jeonbuk Bank will do its best to fulfill its social roles and responsibilities
with the belief that it will create a brighter and more livable world.

Jeonbuk Bank’s Social Contribution

We make a better bank
with the
local community

Kwangju Bank returns the matters given by the local people to the local people.
The development of Gwangju and Jeonnam is the development of Kwangju Bank.
Kwangju Bank recognizes the importance of partnerships
with local communities and is leading the way in community development.

Kwangju Bank’s Social Contribution